Featuring award winning instrumentalists and dancers, the Celtic Martins from south-eastern Pennsylvania have been entertaining audiences for over a decade and a half with their high- energy, fiddle driven Celtic music and Irish dance.  Their creative upbeat arrangements based on original and centuries-old traditional Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, French Canadian, and Americana tunes, are joyful and infectious, leaving listeners with both a sense of satisfaction and a desire for more.  Their shows also feature Irish step dancing by the Martin sisters, always a crowd favorite.

   The Celtic Martins is truly a family band.  The six Martin siblings each began their musical career with the fiddle around the tender age of 5, branching out over time to other instruments, including Irish whistles, bagpipes, guitar, accordion, cello, drums, percussion, and vocals.  They are joined by their parents on guitar and bass.  The Celtic Martins have been performing since 2004 and have quickly become a musical sensation, appearing nationwide at various festivals, theaters and other venues such as the Bethlehem Music Fest, Smoky Mountain Highland Games, the Kutztown Folk Festival, Bitterroot Valley Highland Games, and more.

The Celtic Martins are;
Nelson Martin-guitar
Elaine Martin-bass
Emily Roeder-fiddle, bagpipes, Irish dance
Melissa Martin-fiddle, Irish whistles, accordion, Irish dance
Brian Martin-drums, guitar, percussion
Christy Martin-fiddle, cello, bagpipes, Irish dance
Zach Martin-fiddle
Alex Martin-fiddle

Name: Nelson Martin (Dad)

Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Pastime: Canoeing, hiking, camping, playing music with my family, reading James Herriot Books, riding bike

Vacation Spot: Adirondacks

Food: Beef!

Restaurant: The Black Dog Cafe

Book of the Bible: Ephesians

Football Team: The Phillies

Musicians: Larry Carlton, Phil Keaggy, and Eric Johnson

Season: Spring

Little Known Fact: My first language was Pennsylvania Dutch

Occupation: Painter, siding installer, and musician

Name: Elaine Martin 

Instrument: Bass guitar

Pastime: Rug braiding, drawing and watercolor, hiking, going on walks,  playing bass guitar, homeschooling the kids, canoeing, camping, gardening, reading, going out on dates with Nelson, and hanging out with my family.

Vacation Spot: Adirondack canoe area

Season: Spring

Book of the Bible: Galatians

Other Musical Ventures: I play music with my family and that is an adventure!

Little Known Fact: I walked through the drive-thru at the bank once.

Occupation: I pull double shift as a mom and booking agent for the band.

Name: Emily (Martin) Roeder

Instruments: fiddle, bagpipes

Favorite color: yellow and orange

Pastime: inventing cookie recipes, being a private pilot, flying airplanes (especially the stunt plane!); dates with my husband, Elijah; spending time with my sons, Aiden and Callum; bicycle rides, cooking, reading Nancy Drew books, performing, having parties in the back yard, playing and dancing in hoedowns...

Musicians: Eileen Ivers, James Riley, and Micheal Cleveland

Food: Chocolate

Game: Dutch Blitz

Awards: 2009 and 2010 Berks County Fiddle Champion

Little known fact: played fiddle and recorded with a punk band when I was about 11

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Name: Zach Martin

Age: 18

Instrument: fiddle 

Favorite Color: Blue

Pastime: Target sports, hiking, hunting, swimming, fishing, ice hockey, reading, Amateur (Ham) radio, biking...

Favorite Bluegrass Musician: Stuart Duncan

Favorite Season: Winter

Book of the Bible: John

Awards: 2011 1st place winner in the 10 and under in the Berks County fiddle competition

Book: The Leatherstocking Tales   (James Fenimore Cooper)

School: Homeschooled in the 12th grade
Name: Melissa Martin

Instruments: fiddle, guitar, Irish whistles, accordian

Favorite color: Yellow and pink

Pastime: crocheting, reading, listening to jazz, pesting Alex, writing mysteries, reading old band journals, playing with my nephews...

Vacation spot: “The gray cabin”

Musician: Butch Imhoff and Joanie Madden

Game: Dutch Blitz

Book: Persuasion, Trolley Car Family

Music that I've been listening to recently: Joe Vinuti, Stephane Grappelli, and the Time Jumpers

Little known fact: Played the National Anthem with a Suzuki class at a Reading Phillies game

School: 2010 graduate from homeschooling. 

Awards: 2009 2nd place winner and 2014 1st place winner in the Berks County Fiddle Competition

Occupation:  fiddle and Irish dance teacher

Name: Christy Martin

Age:  20 

Instruments: fiddle, bagpipes, cello 

Favorite Color: navy blue, pink...

Pastime: canoeing, swimming, Irish dancing, babysitting my nephews, reading, camping, swing dancing...

Vacation Spot: The cabin

Band: Leahy, Cherryholmes, and the Quebe Sisters Band

Book: Jane Eyre

Season: Spring

Book of the Bible: Romans

School: 2015 graduate

Awards: 2013 Grand Champion Fiddler in the Lyons Fiddle Festival 

Other Musical Ventures: Member of the Martin Sisters Band

Occupation: Irish dance teacher and painte
Name: Brian Martin

Age: 23

Instruments: Guitar, drums 

Color: Blue

Pastime: Fishing, hunting, hanging out with my friends, woodworking...

Vacation Spot: The cabin

Musician: Tony Rice

Game: Presidents (Scum)

Season: Spring

Book of the Bible: Matthew

School: 2014 graduate

Little Known Fact: I like bluegrass better than Celtic

Other Musical Ventures: I'm a drummer with the Quittapahilla Highlanders

Occupation: Painting/Remodeling 
NameAlex Martin

Age: 13

Instrument: fiddle

Favorite Color: Green

Pastime: Railfanning, anything outdoors, baseball, playing the fiddle, riding bike, and reading books.

Vacation Spot: Ferryboat Campsites 

Season: Winter

Song: Easy club reel

Book: Calvin and Hobbs

School: homeschooled in the 8th grade

Photo by Matt Wlasniewski
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Photo by Cynthia Fry